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February 21, 2012

Our Living Room, Dining Room & Kitchen: A Before/After Tour

One of my favorite parts of our house is the living/dining room area. It's so unique and open, but at the same time has also created some interesting challenges. It's also come a long way since two years ago when we first bought the house. This whole area of our house was an outdated wooden wonderland of shame. This house had been on the market for a really long time, and I'm fairly certain it was because no one else could look past the wooden nightmare that was this house.

This is our lovely living room today, after tons of work.

(For updated versions go here or here.)

and here is how it looked when we first moved in:

You should know that those icky couches are hot pink underneath those saggy slipcovers. 

The biggest improvements were made when I painted all of the outdated wooden trim, and painted the walls. Here is the before and after of the living room.

Here is the view looking the opposite way. I love the stone fireplace that separates the foyer from the living room. It really makes our space so unique.

Here's a view of the gallery wall I created from antique botannical prints I found on eBay and framed myself. I'm a big fan of finding inexpensive ways to create art, and this is one of my faves.

And a closeup:

I also love the little mirrored tray on top. It was orignally black, but I spray painted it gold and now it looks great!

I also found a dresser during one of my thrift store trips and painted it. I also refurbished these little end tables, which were found on Craigslist. 

 Here is a picture from when we first started with the renovation of me tricking my little brother into painting my living room while I sit on the couch and watch my shows. 
That's what big sisters are for, right? 

Those windows are just about the only thing in this house I haven't painted, and I am happy to give credit where credit is due. Thanks brother and husband. I tried...and quickly failed. I don't work too well at skyscraper heights.

Let's move out of the living room. Walking backwards into the dining room, here is what you see:

and now we will turn around a bit and enter the dining room. Down those stairs is the foyer and entrance. 

And a view of the dining room.

Here is a side by side shot:

oh, don't get's worse...

So much better! 

One last stop on the tour. Let's go past the dining room and into the kitchen.

I already painted the kitchen cabinets white, but I still have so much planned for this little kitchen.  I also love the little 'look through' bar area. Those chairs are also a thrift store find. They were a gross brown color, but had a great shape, so I painted them with the same white we did all the trim in.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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  1. Such a great post. Maybe my favorite so far because I LOVE seeing the before/after pictures! Also that ottoman from Ross is an awesome find. Good job!! -Kwanie's toe

    1. Thanks Kwanie!!!! Yes, I love the before/afters too! There's just no way to understand WHAT a makeover it is until you see the icky 'before' pics! Glad you like the ottoman! I am quite pleased with it! :)

  2. It looks great! I probably would have painted everything white, too.

    1. Thanks Ashley! Yes, it looks and feels much brighter & updated now! We like is so much better without all of the outdated wood! :)

  3. Beautiful! It looks so fresh! I love the accent wall in the living room and I agree with you, the wood trim looks lovely painted white!

    1. Thank you so much Lori! Sooo nice to hear such sweet compliments!

  4. I looks beautiful! I love it! I'm your newest blog follower♥ Have an amazing day!!

  5. Thanks for the sweet comments!! and LOVE LOVE your stone fireplace! Those are some great before & after pics!

    1. Thank you Amanda! It's my favorite part of the room! :)

  6. I just found your lovely blog via Pinterest - I am in love!

    Love all the white! I'm with ya on the not-loving-woodwork-so-much bandwagon!


  7. I want those chairs!!!! I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a counter stool with that profile! Good find! :)

  8. I have to laugh to myself because I feel like your blog should be named paint it white and it's alright! Very nice before and afters!

  9. That living word stunning!!!!

  10. Hi nice to meet following...over from Kristin's...LOVE your style...I'm big into the whites and neutrals too...your home is gorgeous and lovely...please come by and visit...check out my kitchen redo...going back to look around some more now...

  11. Dear Virginia, I live in Perth, Western Australia and only recently found your blog. I want to tell you that your home and all your projects are really lovely and your style is so much how I want mine to be...! I'm trying all the time, but at 72 I guess my time will run out before I ever get finished with all the things I'd love to do.
    Never mind... I have a lot of fun and satisfation from trying...!
    Best wishes to you with all your lovely projects. Nadia in Aaustralia


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