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January 21, 2014

10 Thrift Store Shopping Secrets You Should Know

10 Thrift Store Shopping Secrets You Should Know! These are SO good!
So, today we're going to talk about my favorite thing: thrift stores. As you know, I consider myself a true patron of the thrift, a master of the bargain bin. I didn't really set out to become such a person, but when I realized that it was going to cost me thousands of dollars to decorate my house, and then realized that I had about fourteen dollars, well, I decided just to make the best of the situation. So, I began thrifting. 

January 8, 2014

How To Paint Furniture

How To Paint Furniture. This is such a great tutorial for beginners! Love this!
Hey ya'll! So, before we left for Christmas break a few weeks ago, I started making some changes to our master bedroom. 

This will be the 11th set of changes to this room, 10 of which were fully documented in this unexpectedly popular post.
Also known as 'that one time I had Jesse photoshop my face on a turtle's body and hundreds of thousands of people saw it.' 

January 2, 2014

If You've Been Wondering Where I Went...

Hey ya'll! Happy New Year! How was your Christmas?! How was your new year?! Are you ready for 2014? I took a couple weeks off from the blog to recharge my batteries, travel, watch 48 episodes of New Girl, spend time with family, and nap. 

And oh, how I've missed you. 

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