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February 8, 2012

How To Make a Gallery Wall

Last week I finally revealed the before and afters of the office, and today I'm sharing how to easily make a gallery wall in any room. 

Gallery walls are one of my favorite ways to decorate a wall. Mostly because you don't have to own a bunch of expensive art. You can just go to a bunch of thrift stores, find random frames and old art, and them piece them all together. And then, you can personalize it by throwing in a few personal pictures or artwork you've created.

Gallery walls are meant to be eclectic, so you can really include anything you want.
That being said, the trick behind a really great gallery wall is making it pleasing to the eye. So, even though you have a bunch of mismatched frames and art, you can make it look good by either making it symmetrical, or making it asymmetrical, but still lined up on an axis. I wanted to make the office gallery wall asymmetrical, so I created a horizontal axis that I could line the pieces up around. 

How to make a gallery wall. Tons of great ideas for layouts, art, etc. Love this!

So that I could remember where my horizontal axis was, I measured the distance from the wall to my line (well, Jesse did) and then put up a piece of tape.

How To Hang A Gallery Wall: Great Tips & Tricks!

I also laid out my frames/mirrors/maps/sailboats/pictures of fat cats on the floor, and played with moving them around a little until I found an arrangement I liked.

How To Hang A Gallery Wall: Great Tips & Tricks!

I'm sure for the perfectionists out there, a better solution might be to use a level, or perhaps map out every little frame on the wall with cutouts, etc. I prefer to just throw them on the floor and mash them around until it looks just perfect. 
When in doubt, mash about.

So, after a little trial and error, this beauty was born!

How To Hang A Gallery Wall: Great Tips & Tricks!

There are so many options for creating a spectacular gallery wall. You can change your axis to be vertical or move it to the top or bottom of the arrangement. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

For more info on the above ideas, please visit this post, where I share some real-life examples in our own house.

That's all for today, ya'll!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
I'll be back soon to share the guest bathroom makeover.
 It's my favorite thing ever.

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  1. Thanks so much for explaining how to do this. Do you have any tips or tricks on how to hand stuff on really old hard plaster walls. Our walls just crumble if we try to hang anything, one of the reasons we don't have ANYTHING on our walls and if you take down what we do have up- there is a huge whole with crumbling plaster around it. blah.

    1. Thanks Mere! Yes, actually I do! Have you tried using any of the 3M hanging products? I literally free hung a 10 lb VASE to my wall using one of their velcro products. They have these velcro-like ones and sticky ones. They don't mess up your walls at all. It would be perfect for old walls that don't hold up well. Also, for the holes you've already created (per you) you can use spackle to fill in the hole and then just touch up the paint. :) Also, all that 3M stuff is at Target, etc. Easy to find!

  2. This is great! I love the graph of how to hang frames- just pinned it to my pinterest!!

  3. I love gallery walls! The hubs and I just put up #8 last weekend. ( My best tip is to use command strips to hang up each frame. No more extra nail holes!

  4. Did you reupholster that chair? If you did please tell me where you got that fabric. I must have it for everything!

  5. I love the elegant glass frames in there. Great contrast!!


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