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December 4, 2013

The Tree Reveal and My Favorite Project EVER!

It's officially that time of year.
You know, the time of year where I no longer seem like a crazy person for doing nonstop Christmas projects in November. 
And I couldn't be more excited.
Virginia and December are like peas and carrots.
For lack of a better analogy.

It's also that time of year when I finally get to share our Christmas tree with you (and one of my favorite projects ever)! 

So here it is ya'll, Christmas tree 2013!

I re-purposed, re-used, or made many of the ornaments, along with incorporating some stuff from last year.
While last year's tree colors were white and silver, this year I decided to go with green, gold, and silver.
It just kinda felt right after the recent addition of the gallery wall.
I even made some bright green pillows to tie it all together.

I kept most of the decor on the tree silver or gold and just added a few pops of green in the form of three jumbo ornaments. 
I added tons of plain metallic ornaments from the dollar store, as well as some pinecones that I painted silver and some styrofoam balls rolled in glitter. A few tiny disco balls and some glittery stars also made their way into the mix.

To fill in the gaps between the branches of my lackluster little thrift store tree, I used some gold wire mesh ribbon and a bunch of giant gold ornaments.

And then I also tucked several jumbo green ornaments into the tree. They're kinda my fave.

I also added the button ornament that I made (tutorial here).

And even covered some silver ornaments in gold leaf.
Btw, tons of people asked last year about my ornament hooks. You can find them here (affiliate link). I'm obsessed with those things.

And speaking of ornaments....

 I added my handmade ornament wreath to my handmade mantel. 
My hands made the wreath, Jesse's hands made the mantel. :)

Doesn't it just look so cute up there, side by side with my thrift store deer?

And because the mantel can only hold so much, I moved my little diy art off the mantel and onto the side table with a mirrored frame that holds my favorite little picture. 

And now for my favorite addition to the Christmas decorations this year! Did you happen to notice what was going on beneath the tree?

The tree skirt!
I made a tree skirt, ya'll!

Christmas decorating ideas that you can make yourself! This post is full of DIY ideas for any budget and any skill level! Ornaments, wreaths, tree skirts, and more!

It's one of my favorite creations ever, and it cost me less than $10. I made it out of some basic ivory felt, and it was super easy to make. I'll be sharing the full tutorial on Friday, so don't miss it!

And that's all for today!
Thanks ya'll!

Christmas decorating ideas that you can make yourself! This post is full of DIY ideas for any budget and any skill level! Ornaments, wreaths, tree skirts, and more!

'Til next time!
P.S. Make sure to stop by tomorrow to see my next dresser makeover!

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  1. your tree is beeee-yoooo-tiful!!! i love your color scheme and the ribbon around it. i keep meaning to mention, that not long after I read your post about the little deer on your mantel, that i saw the exact same thing in a thrift shop, along with some friends - if I remember correctly there was also an elephant and a buffalo looking thing and at least one or two others, all that same style. i wish i could have picked them all up and had my own little farm :) but alas i was broke and haven't been back since and I'm sure they're gone now :(.

  2. The tree skirt was the FIRST thing i noticed!!! Can't wait for the tutorial! :0D


  3. beautiful!!! i just love the skirt and noticed it right away!

  4. Love the tree! And I'm very impressed with the tree skirt, I'm no sewer! And tree skirts are SO ridiculously expensive, way to GO! Kathleen

  5. Wow wow wow it is beautiful and that tree skirt is fantastic ~ Lisa

  6. Very warm and inviting scene you've got going there. Can't wait to read your tree skirt tutorial!

  7. Very colorful and really beautiful - great job!

  8. So pretty Virginia :) It looks great in your space! xo Krisitn

  9. Your tree if absolutely beautiful. Every time I read your blog, I can hear the excitement in your words for creating things you love...and it's contagious, so thank you :)

  10. Your tree is so beautiful!
    So, so pretty!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  11. Beautiful! Great job!

  12. Saw your try on IG and loved it so much. Just gorgeous!

  13. Great job! Your tree and room looks beautiful, I love the green theme!

    Brandi @ Nest of Bliss

  14. Your tree is gorgeous!! And I loooove the idea of coating styrofoam balls in glitter for ornaments - great idea!

    aka Bailey

  15. Love it. This is the color scheme I adopted this past Christmas!!! :)


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