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December 18, 2013

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10

DIY Christmas gift ideas you can make for under $10! So easy and creative! Love these!
It's almost here! Christmas is only a week away!

And I still have some gifts to find. 
Okay fine, all of them. I have to find all of them.

Somehow every year my to-do list grows like a freaky beanstalk housing a hungry giant, and I'm always left scrambling last minute for tissue paper and gift cards and some weird Nerf contraption for my little brother. 

Luckily, our family prefers thoughtful/funny gifts to expensive gifts anyday, so I usually end up making a lot of stuff. 
So, I thought I would share some handmade gift ideas from the past couple years in case you need any last minute ideas.
 All of these are easy to make and cost under $10. 
Oh, and they're all for women. You're on your own when it comes to the fellas.
Obviously, since I usually give them yoyos and Nerf darts. Sorry, menfolk.

So, here are a few of my fave handmade Christmas gift ideas! Enjoy!

DIY Striped Jewelry Tray
This striped jewelry tray is easy to make with just a little paint, tape, and a basic wooden tray. I found my tray at a thrift store and then painted it (tutorial here), but you can also find similar wooden trays at Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's for under $5.

DIY Bead Magnets
These DIY bead magnets make great gifts. They were just about the easiest thing I've ever made, too. 
You can see the tutorial here.

DIY Gold Leaf Art
I'm kind of obsessed with leafing lately. I think it would be so cute to create gift tags with a gold leaf initial, or even just some simple art in a pretty frame like I created here.

DIY glue pillows
Obviously, I'm obsessed with pillows. 
Especially since figuring this out. 
These make great gifts, especially since you can customize them however you want. You can see some examples herehere, and here.

DIY Monogram Knifeblock
I love the idea of putting an initial on just about anything, and even did it to my knifeblock. For an inexpensive gift idea, you can monogram just about anything with a stencil and a permanent marker (You can even use a metallic marker!). Try mugs, canisters, serving platters, trays, or anything else you'd like. Then, add some homemade cookies or baked goods and you've got a great gift! 

DIY Mod Podge Hangers
These Mod Podge hangers make for an amazing gift, and are always well-received. Plus, they cost about $5 for five hangers, and you can personalize them any way you want.
I recommend monograming them with someone else's initial. That way there's no going back when you start thinking about how cute they would look in your own closet. 

And last but not least, a great way to make any gift extra special is by wrapping it beautifully. You can see how I create my bows in just a few easy steps here.
 Sidenote: See all those awesome blush and pink vintage glass ornaments? I found about 20 of those at the thrift store yesterday for $1! Luckily, I have an entire year to figure out how to have a pink Christmas and not completely terrify Jesse. :)

Last minute Christmas gift ideas you can make for under $10! So easy and creative! Love these!

And that's all for today, ya'll!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
I hope you all have a very, very Merry Christmas!
I'll be back after the holidays to share a few new projects I've been working on.
'Til then!

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  1. I'm going to try the stencil project, maybe with snowflake stencils and silver leaf and leaves and ferns with gold leaf for autumn. Looking for seashells and starfish too! Uh oh, I feel another obsession beginning :-)

    1. What a great idea, Tess! As always, I'd love to see them! :)

  2. Hi, I love the hangers, would like as a gift from someone...

  3. Those decorated hangers are a fabulous idea, but so are all your ideas :) I've really enjoyed following your blog for the past several months. I always get inspired by something you've created. Have a very Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks so much Suzy! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, too! xo

  4. When you said "blush and pink vintage glass ornaments" the first thing that came to my mind (before seeing the picture) was *that scene from Steel Magnolias when they're talking about Shelby's wedding:

    Shelby ~ "My colors are blush and bashful."
    Malin ~ "Her colors are pink and pink."

    Obviously once I saw the picture the two pinks are very different, but I had to laugh at that little flashback.

    *I'm speaking here as if you know exactly what I'm talking about. Everyone knows Steel Magnolias by heart, right?

    1. Lindsay, that is HILARIOUS. Of course I know exactly what you're talking about. I mean, CMON. :)

  5. These ideas are awesome! I'm totally going to try the magnets and the jewelry tray for my mom! She loves to get DIY projects as gifts!

  6. A friend told me about your blog today. You are a kindred spirit. Great ideas here. Thanks for being so inspiring.


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