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November 28, 2012

DIY Christmas Ornaments Ideas

As I mentioned yesterday when I revealed this year's Christmas tree, I decorated the entire thing for $15. Most of the ornaments I either made myself or found while thrifting, and although it took some extra effort, it's a great feeling to know I saved money and created a beautiful tree for us to enjoy all season long. So, as promised, today I'll share how I made all of my different ornaments. 

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year, and I can't help but be inspired to decorate our house. However, since being thrifty is always forefront in my mind, I decided to save money this year by creating or thrifting most of the decorations myself. 

I decided my tree theme for this year would be lots of metallic ornaments mixed in with some natural elements. I also used some of the white ribbon (found during the same thrift store trip as when I found my tree) to wind throughout the entire tree. 
And I tied a bow on the top. And I'm sticking by my decision. :)

All in all, I ended up with about 200 things in my tree. Here are a few of my favorite creations.

All of the above ornaments were ones that I found at the thrift store and updated. Here's what they looked like before:

I used some basic craft supplies, and completely transformed those ol' thrift store ornaments into something a little more sparkly.

I used silver Rub n Buff (affiliate link) to turn the gold ornaments into looking like mercury glass. All you have do do is use just a tiny little bit and rub it on the ornament. That one little tube of rub n buff goes a long way. I probably used 10% of it on 50 ornaments.

I put tons of the silver ornaments in my tree, and I love the way they look.

I also added jumbo sequins to a few of the silver ornaments, and made them into mini disco balls, just by using some hotglue.

After making my little disco balls, I moved on to an old box of colorful ornaments I had from last year's tree that I wanted to make into glossy white ornaments.
To get a great shiny finish, simply use the top half of the ornament box and set the ornaments upright. I spray painted my ornaments with this white spray paint (affiliate link) and just turned them after they were dry to coat all sides.

They turned out super shiny and awesome, and were a great addition to the tree. 
And yes, a leaf will ruin atleast one of your ornaments. The universe demands it.

I also totally sassed up my thrift store pinecones... standing in my kitchen for hours shaking pinecones in a box full of glitter. 
There also appears to be a giant green ribbon in the mix. I don't know. Too much crafting, too little time.

Anyways, after tons of glue, glitter, sequins, and some spray varnish to hold it all together, they look great in the tree!

I also just dipped a few pinecones in silver paint and glued a pearl to the end (as you can see in the corner of the below pic). In retrospect, I much prefer that method over the glitter. 

Along with the rub n buffed, disco balls, spray painted, and glittery pinecones, I also made some ornaments out of glass beads I found at the dollar store (just glued together over some ribbon) and some mirrored ornaments (using small mirrors I found at the craft store). Basically, I've realized that you can hotglue all sorts of stuff, attach it to a hook or some fishing line, and VOILA. ORNAMENT. 

And that, my friends is just a small portion of the handmade ornaments that ended up on this year's tree!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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  1. Love them all! You crack me up. lol I am right there with ya in regards to the glitter. I am finishing up a glitter project. While I like the way it looks, it can be a pain and there is glitter everywhere. I am having to use a cement mixing tray to keep the glitter somewhat under control. I am glittering a large item, because I am crazy. lol

    By the way, you are beautiful! :) Thank you so much for sharing.


    1. Julie, you are just the sweetest! And yes, glitter is NOT my friend after this week! But it's such a love/hate relationship!! :) Thanks so much for stopping by tonight! Oh, and I like your cement tray idea!!

  2. These are gorgeous! I absolutely adore the glittered pinecone but I've been banned from glitter crafts in my house :( Wahhhh. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Awesome! I love these and the tutorials on creating them are all so great! I love the glitter bomb pinecone, but I totally get the patience thing (or lack thereof!)Right there with ya and the glass of wine. They look great!

  4. I really like what you did! I think you gave a good example that you can have splendid decorations without spending huge amount of money. Maybe I have to paint my "wrong coloured balls" also white. Right now I'm wrestling with the decision weather or not to have fake tree. Since now, we have always had a real one.

  5. You can come and do my tree now, ok?? Beautiful job and I love the price tag!

  6. I love love love love love the sequin ones!

  7. Your tree is amazing! I just love your blog and look forward to your posts. You are just awesome!

  8. Your tree is amazing! I just love your blog and look forward to your posts. You are just awesome!

  9. Very cute ornaments!

    I just loved when you said you moved your crafts stuff from the bedroom to the kitchen because there was too much glitter flying around - now you will find it in your omlette instead of in your shoes! ;-)

    I'm a new follower, by the way! Anja

  10. Love all your ideas! I'm a caretaker of a beautiful estate but my spouse & I use our own holiday tree w/our ornaments. Anxious to go look for pinecones!!

  11. Where did you find that Martha Stewart metallic glaze? Every time I've seen it, it was too rich for my blood!
    LOVE all the projects you completed! Now I'm thinking "disco ball" ornaments might be on our tree this year!


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