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November 26, 2013

10 Christmas DIY Ideas

Hey ya'll! This is the one week of the year that I actually cook stuff, and since me + the kitchen = awkward, I'm already feeling kinda sweaty. I can paint your house for you, but don't ask me to bake something edible.
My family knows this and usually just assigns me to bring the rolls...from the freezer aisle. 

I've decided to conquer my kitchen demons and actually attempt to bake things this year, but it could get scary fast, so wish me luck.

Since I obviously don't have any recipes to share with you (maybe one day...there's always hope), I thought I would take a little time this week to gather all of my holiday projects together in one place for you to enjoy. If you're like me, you might spend a day or two in sweatpants after all of the turkey festivities are over, and I do my best crafting in a men's XXL pant.
Do yourself a favor and follow my lead.

Anyways, I hope you have a truly happy thanksgiving, and I hope this gives you a few ideas to play with over the weekend!

#1. DIY button ornament
These are super easy to make and just require some styrofoam balls, awesome lady buttons, and tons of hotglue. You can see the full tutorial here.

#2. DIY Ornament Wreath
This one doesn't need much of an introduction. These awesome wreaths will cost you about an hour and only $10 to make. You can see this year's here and last year's here. There are also tons of awesome reader versions here. And I might even have to do another 'reader wreaths' post because you guys made tons of amazing ones again this year! Keep sending me makes me so happy to see them.

#3. DIY Doily Books
You can repurpose any old book with just a little white paint, some snowflake doilies, and decoupage. You can see the full makeover of my thrift store books here.

#4. Magnolia Leaf Wreath
I made this Christmas wreath with some faux leaves and a little Rub n Buff. And quite a few other little tidbits, too. Full tutorial can be found here.

#5. Snowflake Garland
This was one of the most tedious projects I've ever done, but I still love it to this day! If you have nimble fingers and a serious knack for patience, see the full tutorial here

#6. Last year's tree
I'll be sharing this year's tree sometime in the next couple weeks, but until then, you can check out all of the handmade bits and pieces that went into last year's thrift store tree here.

#7. Pinecones & Rub N Buff Ornaments
I created a bunch of ornaments for last year's tree. Some of my faves were the gold ornaments that I coated with silver Rub n Buff and sequins. I also attached pearls to some painted pinecones. More info on both can be found here.

#8. Crystal Ornaments
I'm still obsessed with these ornaments and the idea behind them. Hint: I used something weird from the dollar store.
 Riddle solved here.

#9. DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Dress
If you're anything like me, you love a good ugly Christmas sweater party. And sometimes those sweaters are impossible to find. So, you can make your own really tacky dress instead just by using some hot glue and ribbon. 

#10. Vase Filler Ornaments
If you want to add some natural elements to your tree, pinecones and vase filler look great! I used some of the straw balls found in vase filler and just attached hooks to hang them in the tree.

#11 BONUS: DIY Christmas Tree Skirt
Let's just include one more for good measure (and because it's my favorite!). If you don't want to spend money on a pricey tree skirt, you can do what I did and make your own no-sew tree skirt out of a piece of felt! See how I made mine for less than $10 here.

And that's all for today, ya'll!
Before I go, I just want to let you know that one of the things I'm most thankful for this year is the love and support each of you send my way because of this blog.
I cannot even express in words how much I appreciate you.
I hope you have a happy, happy, happy turkey day and I'll be back soon to share this year's Christmas tree and the craziest thing EVER with you!
'Til next time!

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  1. I love all these ideas! Guess I need to get to work :)
    I'd love it if you could visit my teeny tiny little itty bitty baby blog. don't judge too harshly...I'm a newbie haha

  2. I just want to say I adore your fun personality and love everything you do with your decore! Because of you I had the guts to buy and old dresser at a garage sale for only 25 $ painted it and it's now a super cute dresser for my daughters room! (And I've spray painted just about everything I can find) lol..Hope you hava a great Thanksgiving :)

  3. I love the mirror ornaments! I'm imagining the reflections of light from them. Thanks for the idea!

  4. You made so many pretty things, it's unbelievable!
    And cooking is ovverrated! :-))

  5. I love these DIY projects that definately DO NOT look DIY! Fabulous!

  6. All of them are great. The snowflake books are a new one for me ;)

  7. That snowflake garland is incredible--I can assure you, my fingers are going to wish I'd never seen it! ;) I also just love those dangly crystal ornaments...I cannot wait to get my tree this year!!

  8. I love these ideas SO much. I was just at the Dollar Tree yesterday and walked RIGHT BY those vase fillers and I never would have thought to use them to make ornaments. I could have probably saved so much money on ornaments just by using all that with my jewelry wire, rather than paying $30 on a box of "cheap" ornaments at Walmart.

    Also, I just wanted to say I am SO glad I found your blog through Pinterest. My Mississippi boy and I just moved into an apartment up here in Virginia (my home state) and we're doing everything we can to save money and I feel like I can relate greatly to you after reading your novel of an 'about' section (don't feel bad - I am exTREMEly wordy, as you have probably already noticed). I am 25 in less than two weeks and I am still in college, paying for it myself and slowly getting through it. I am a photographer on the side of my full time office job AND part time job at a bookstore, and I feel like I have NO time to make crafts and bake and do all the things I love doing. But I hope that one day, when we finally move to Mississippi, I can add a lot more of that to my blog, like you did. It's looking a little bleh lately and it's sad. But I just wanted to let you know you seriously inspired me this morning and I really needed that. Thanks! :)


  9. Such great ideas Virginia! I seriously love them all :) Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! xo Kristin

  10. These are all so classy and elegant! I especially love the covered books!

  11. What (besides frozen dinner rolls) are you looking to cook/bake? I can see if I can share a recipe or two and some tips/tricks that may not be in a recipe book.

    By the by, I've been following for a few months now and I love reading your blog. I like that you write how you talk(or at least how you talk in my head). :)


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