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December 24, 2012

How To Make Your Own Christmas Ornaments (Part 3)

I recently made my own crystal ornaments to put all over the tree. And I even gave a few away as gifts. I used some simple supplies from the dollar store, and the entire process was easy and fun! 

So, today I'm sharing a short and sweet tutorial about how to make these little fellas!

The best thing about these ornaments is how easy they were to make.

I went to my local Dollar Tree and found giant crystal vase filler. It had never occurred to me before to use these until earlier in the year. I had bought some crystal vase filler from Target for around $10 a few months ago and I noticed that all of the crystals had little holes in them like beads.
 So, needless to say, the lightbulb went off when I found these packages of vase filler (with the holes) at the Dollar Tree for $1 per bag. There were tons of different colors, too.

I chose simple clear 'crystals'. They're just plastic, but they look real. (I even had a few left over REAL crystal droplets left over from a chandelier install. I used the real crystals intermittently throughout some of the ornaments, and they look almost identical to the plastic ones.)

I also needed smaller crystal clear beads, a few pearls, and some thin jewelry wire.

I attached swirly metal hooks to the tops of the ornaments.

I ended up making a bunch of different ornaments.

So, here's how you make these. 
Cut a 12'' piece of jewelry wire. (Or determine how long you want your ornament to be and multiply by 2. For example: for a 3 inch long ornament, cut a 6 inch piece of wire.)

Pick a big bead with the hole on the top. Thread the wire through the hole, pulling it even on both sides. Then, add a few small beads to each side of the wire.

Once you feel you have enough small beads, twist the wire together a few times, securing those beads in place.  

Continue that process a few times. 

When your ornament is at the desired length, fold one side of the wire down into a hoop. 

Wrap the other side of the wire around the hoop until it's used up. Leave a small section of the hoop exposed for the ornament hook to go through.

Now stick your hook through!

Here's an easy picture tutorial from start to finish.
The steps start from the bottom of the ornament and work their way up.

And that's it! You have yourself an easy, beautiful keepsake! 
They make great gifts, too!
And my favorite thing is that you can truly customize these to look however you want.

They look great in your tree, giving it a little extra bling!!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad you're here!

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Til next time!!

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  1. They turned out so pretty, Merry Christmas Virginia!

  2. These are beautiful and totally perfect for your tree. I tried to get here before Christmas but didn't make it...hope your day was wonderful. Best wishes for 2013! ~Ann

  3. Thanks ladies!!!! So glad you like the ornaments!!


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