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July 2, 2013

Best of the Month: June 2013

Summer is my favorite time of the year. I'm fairly certain I danced out of the womb on June 13th, 1983 with a paintbrush in my hand and said 'I'm obsessed with summer, Ma.' Or something like that. I can't quite explain why summer does such magical things for me, but it probably has something to do with flip flops, slushies, pools, and beach vacations. 

For most of our relationship, Jesse and I have taken our yearly vacation around the time of my birthday. And we usually end up at a beach. For the past 3 years we hadn't taken a vacation, as we had gotten sidetracked with renovating our house, working, and life in general. So, when we finally decided to go somewhere this year to celebrate my 30th birthday, I could barely take the excitement. We just drove a few hours to Myrtle Beach, but I'm a girl who does NOT need an exotic location to have the best time ever. Set me up on the beach with an umbrella, book, and cold drink, and I'm happy as can be.

We spent most of the week laying on the beach, flopping around in the ocean like toddlers, and prying ourselves away from the hotel in the evenings to eat delicious seafood dinners...and an occasional fried pickle.

On the last night there, I discovered the best Mai Tai ever, and even managed to drag Jesse into a nearby Anthropologie for a few minutes. We don't have an Anthro in our town, so this was delightful. Of course, I didn't buy anything...I'm way too cheap. But, I did ooh and ahh and run about giggling for a full twenty minutes. 
Which is probably why Jesse loves to shop with me. :)

So, life-wise, that was my favorite part of June.
It was a much needed vacation, and at the end of the week, I was excited to get back home and see this face.
This is Cheese and her 
'I'm just gonna close my eyes for a bit.' face.

I was excited to see Tootie, too, of course, but she is much less lethargic than Cheese, and tends to escape my picture attempts much more successfully.

Now, let's talk blog. In case you missed anything this month, this is a great place to catch up! June was a super busy month for me. How I managed to squeeze in a vacation, I don't know. 

Here's what went on this month.
Most recently, I upcycled a free dresser from drab to fab and showed How to Paint Laminate Furniture.

I turned some old broken jewelry and rhinestones into cute little DIY Gemstone Magnets.

I perpetuated my war against my sewing machine, and created some No Sew Ribbon Pillows.

I shared my top tips on How To Choose Paint Colors.

I shared my 10 Vinegar Cleaning Secrets. And ya'll LOVED them. I've got more for ya. Stay tuned.

And I shared my 10 Painting Tips & Tricks (Round Two). This was my favorite post of the month, and ya'lls, too.

I introduced you to two gals who totally inspire me...
Ashley from Design Eur Life,

and Shannon, from Burlap and Lace. Ya'll absolutely fell in love with both of them, and I can't wait to introduce you to more bloggers I love!

And that was June! 
It continues to hold its rank as my favorite month of the year.
Nice work, June.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
What have ya'll been up to this summer so far?

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  1. Ashley from Design Eur Life and Molly from The Poor Sophisticate (who I found through Ashley) have become my real life idols. All I can think about since I found their blogs 4 days ago is moving to Germany and shopping at flea markets all over Europe. I'm currently formulating a plan in which my boyfriend and I move there, and while he works with his already-established European customers, I travel and shop. Win win. It's not quite perfected so I haven't presented it to him yet, but I'm sure he'll go for it...

  2. Good for you and Jesse for getting away!! It's so hard sometimes, isn't it! I grew up in Charleston, and to this day I still swear there is nothing like an SC vacation...I am dying to take my kids there so we can play on the beaches. (We are in StL, which is much too far away from a beach for my liking);)
    I was super excited and grateful for the laminate post you wrote this month--I have two more pieces of furniture to paint that both have laminate tops so that could not have come at a better time.
    Also, I was telling my mom I wanted to paint the doorknobs in my house and ironically she later sent me your blog post for reference. Too funny!

    1. Oh my gosh, girl! That is the funniest thing! Tell your mom thanks! :) So glad I could help! And yes, SC is a really fun place to vacation! :)

  3. I've been following your blog for the past few months and love it!! You have been the inspiration to many of my house projects lately. Quick question - I really want to paint our bathroom cabinet white, but my husband is concerned about durability. Any updates on how yours is holding up? Thank you!!

    1. Aw! Thank you so much Lindsey! Yes, our cabinets have held up in our bathroom for nearly 2 years now. Just make sure you prime first. The paint will be super durable and adhere to the wood really well if you prime. :)

    2. Aw! Thank you so much Lindsey! Yes, our cabinets have held up in our bathroom for nearly 2 years now. Just make sure you prime first. The paint will be super durable and adhere to the wood really well if you prime. :)

  4. Happy Birthday! I'm so glad you were able to take a vacation....I feel the exact same way about the beach!!

    I always love seeing your creativity shine through your projects and look forward to July!

  5. Happy Birthday! I'm a June baby, too :).

    Also, your cat is the cutest!!

    1. Happy birthday to you!!! And thank you...she is a cutie, indeed! :)

  6. I think we would be vacation besties! That's my idea of an ideal vaca too! I love Anthro, but agree with you way too expensive for a diy-er. Cheese is a cutie!

    1. Sounds like we definitely would be vacay besties!!!! And thank you....Cheese is a precious one! :)

  7. We just went to Myrtle Beach for the first time back in June and it was amazing! Happy 30th birthday to you!
    P.S. I have always loved your blog, but it is looking mighty professional these days. Love it!

  8. Aww I love the pics of you on vaca! So glad you guys had a great time!

  9. Hi there, after seeing the pics of you in this post I simply MUST insist that you update your profile pic. Seriously, you are stunningly gorgeous and the pic of you holding the cat, with your hair up in a kinda sorta bun does you NO JUSTICE girl! Get on that already! I thought you were just your average looking blogger until the holiday pics showed up and I realized you are movie star good looking. Please update your profile pic!!! SA Girl


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