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December 4, 2014

How To Make A Christmas Ornament Wreath

Hey ya'll! So, each year around November, the emails start pouring in with all of the ornament wreaths you guys have made.
And seeing all of your creations always inspires me to make another one. 

So, welcome to my third annual Christmas ornament wreath tutorial. 
It's basically a tradition now.
Can't stop. Won't stop.

This year's pink wreath has been in the making for awhile now. Last Christmas, I found some hot pink Shiny Brites and some giant mauve (are we still saying mauve?) ornaments, and since I had already made my green ornament wreath, I decided to hoard them for this year.
I knew the minute I saw them that I had been ignoring my life's calling to have a pink Christmas.

Yesterday I finally sat on the floor, got all of my ornaments together, and attempted to glue everything together.
Spoiler alert: Tootie made this project 10x harder than it should have been.

After about an hour of saying 'No, Tootie.' and 'Stop, Tootie.', my pink and metallic ornament wreath was done. 
I think it's my favorite yet.

 I hung it over the mirror in the master bedroom...

...keeping this weird little tradition alive for another year.

So, let's zip through a quick tutorial.
I start by using a simple wooden wreath form. 

And to answer your biggest FAQ: 
I found this wreath form at the Dollar Tree, but many of you have informed me that they no longer sell them.  But, luckily I've been able to witness you guys use all sorts of other wreath forms with great results (many of you have suggested styrofoam or grapevine wreaths).
So, go forth and pick the wreath form of your choice.

I'm just really partial to this wreath form simply because it has a big center opening and I like the way my wreaths turn out when I use it. My ornament wreaths never really survive the year (thanks to the renovations and the constant reshuffling of closets), so I always just disassemble my wreath from the previous year and reuse this wreath form (and usually some of the ornaments).

But, again, most wreath forms work, and usually the bigger the form, the prettier the wreath. 

So, once you have your wreath form...
Step 1: Hot glue the ornaments around the inside of the wreath, with the tops of the ornaments facing up.

Step 2: Glue ornaments around the outside of the wreath, still with the tops facing up.

Step 3: Flip the entire thing over. You're now looking at the front side of your wreath.

Step 4: Fill in the gaps, beginning with some of your large to medium ornaments.

And finally, step 5: Finish filling in any gaps with your smallest ornaments. 
At the end, I also glue a few small ornaments around the outer edge, which I think makes it look more unique and less like an bulbous donut.

And that's really all there is to it. It's truly so easy and it turns out SO pretty (even if you normally suck at craft projects). 

And I know this for a fact because in the past 3 years, you guys have sent me hundreds of ornament wreaths that you've created based off of these tutorials, and I have yet to see one that I don't love.
Thank you for continuing to share them with me.
It truly blows my mind.

'Til next time.
P.S. You can see my previous ornament wreaths here and here, and tons of the reader's wreaths here and here.

How to make a Christmas Ornament Wreath for less than $10! LOVE this idea!

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  1. I am officially in love with that ornament wreath! It looks much more complicated to make than it actually is. This is a great tutorial. I definitely must try!

  2. I absolutely love this! Thank you for the tutorial! I am so tempted to do one this year, but I think I will wait for the after Christmas sale on ornaments and stock up for next year :) As usual, you and your blog inspire me, and my blog ( Thank you!

  3. Hi Virginia, I love your wreath! The colors are great and the tutorial is awesome, I'm shocked that they are so easy to make, I thought it would be much harder!


  4. I love your wreaths every year :) Great Tradition.
    I have attempted to make one, but for whatever reason the hot glue is not strong enough and it does not hold the ornaments.

    1. Hey Anni! Mine weren't all that sturdy on my first try either (2 years ago). Since then, I've been using hot glue from Lowes and Home Depot. It seems to be WAY sturdier, so I'm assuming it's industrial strength or something. Probably should have mentioned that in the tutorial! :)

    2. I used a metal wreath form and hot glue from my local Walmart. I found that if I let the glue set for a moment and then wiggled it back and forth to go all the way around the wire it would stick. As for the ornament to ornament I didn't have a problem as long as I was generous with glue.

  5. LOVE this wreath and thank you for the fabulously easy (looking) tutorial. Hope Mrs Fig makes it through winter ;-) Sue x

    1. Thank you! I'm hopeful, but fully expect it to die in about a month. :)

  6. Soo pretty! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  7. Do you attach the bow with glue or do you tie it on? And where did you find the really tiny ornaments? I am all ready to do this but I don't have tiny ones. I am going to add some fake gold & silver poinsettia I found at DT. Love it!

    1. I just tie the bow around the clear wreath hanger that I attach to the wreath.

    2. You can buy tiny ornaments at Target, or really anywhere they sell ornaments for smaller trees.

  8. Hey I think this looks amazing, I've been following you for the past year and I'm kind of obsessed with everything you do and with the fear of sounding like a stalker, I just never mentioned it, I've just been more of an observer over the past year. PS you truly seem like an amazing person with a really down to earth personality. You seriously have inspired me to take on so much DIY tasks (without sounding cheesy or clich├ęd) but you seriously have. Ok I’m just going to stop there with the fear this might turn into an essay and believe me I can go on for lengths at end. Bye :)

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Aisha! I'm so happy to meet you!! xo

  9. This is so cute , I really want to make one! How long did it take you to finish this one? ♡

    1. Hi Bell! It only took about an hour or so. Probably less for someone without two cats getting in the way! :)

  10. Great post! Waiting for your Christmas tree post to go up. Been following that for the past 2 years now :D

  11. This tutorial was absolutely fantastic, I endlessly stalk your page and check everyday to see if there is a new post that I missed on my FB feed. I made five wreaths using this tutorial!!! I get tons of complements from friends and neighbors. I added battery operated led lights to mine :) You should try it! I am looking forward to your basement reveal!!!

  12. Love this color scheme, way to think outside the box on a Christmas wreath! I recently created garland in a similar fashion to hang above the sink in my kitchen and I love the result. Your blog is definitely a source of inspiration, keep up the fabulous work!


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