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September 11, 2014

DIY Gold and Silver Magnets

Hey ya'll!!
So, this is the easiest little project ever...DIY gold and silver alphabet magnets. 

They're quick, they're cheap, they're really cute, and if you're anything like me, they'll make you act like you just learned how to spell and you're really excited about it. 
For like a week. 
And I totally got this idea here. So, Michael deserves all the credit for these. I am but a mere magnet copier who just wants to share her joy with the people.

So, here's how it all started.
 I've been working on the dining room all week, and per usual, I get distracted about once an hour with a compulsive urge to do something else.
Classic project avoidance. 
Hey Virginia, you should really finish up that dining room you've been talking about for a decade. But hey, Virginia, you should also go re-organize your closet, see what Kevin Spacey's up to on House of Cards, eat a pot pie, and spray paint some magnets.

So, at some point, I spray painted some magnets.
And they're my favorite thing ever. 
They can be used for so many different things....
like reminding Jesse of my terrifying pet naming skills.

Or providing my lonely Bass magnet with some much needed company.

They can also be used as a communication device... let Jesse know how much I appreciate his lawn care efforts.
I took this picture out of the kitchen window. And although I think he saw me, he may have just been flexing in the street. 

So, just in case you want to make your own, here's how I did it. All I did was get some little alphabet letters from the kitchen utensil aisle at Target. 
I got 3 packs because they're super stingy with the vowels.

And then I went into my freshly mowed yard...that I fully appreciate, despite its refusal to grow actual grass....

and then I spray painted the magnets on some leftover cardboard like the classy gent that I am.

 I used Rustoleum bright coat silver and gold (affiliate links).

A little suggestion: Prime first. 
These little magnets have a really slippery surface, and I didn't prime the first set I did (the gold ones) and the paint chipped off in a few places. So, I did prime the second set I made (the silver ones) and they ended up being super durable. Also, allow them to fully cure before playing with them or putting them on your fridge. I took mine inside to dry (because it's super hot and humid here right now, which is not conducive to spray paint) and they were fully cured in about an hour.
Update: A few of you have asked about the primer. I just used this spray paint primer (affiliate link). Just spray it on, let it dry, and then spray your gold or silver spray paint afterwards.

And voila...that's really all there is to it!

And now I can leave Jesse really weird messages every single day where he thinks I'm calling him 'homeboy', but really my magnet pack just didn't offer that comma I so desperately needed.

That's all for today, ya'll. Have a great weekend. We've rented a dumpster and will be spending our weekend gutting the downstairs level of the house. My plan is to show you the finished dining room next week, and then a couple of the other little completed spaces (like the bathroom) shortly after that. Oh, and of course, begin blogging about the scariness that is sure to become my life once we start unearthing what's downstairs.
It should be fun, either way. 
Thanks for all your love and encouragement, and most of all, patience. 
I appreciate it so.
'Til next time.

DIY Gold and Silver Magnets! Love this idea...just spray paint cheap plastic alphabet magnets! Click through for spray paint suggestions.

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  1. Love this! I especially love your process. I also get distracted with my projects and try to do a whole bunch at once! Love your blog btw.


  2. As I finish reading this, all I can think is that I'm glad you use your power for good... and that you understand that alphabet magnets really should come with commas.

  3. The dollar store (Dollar Tree) by me carries magnet sets and I have sometimes seen them in the dollar spot at Target. Just another way to make it a smidge cheaper....the magnets are cute!

  4. Your lawn!!! Don't be embarassed! It looks WAY better than my lawn o' weeds. Its ridiculous. It is entirely weeds now I swear and just a tiny tuft of lovely grass in one 4 by 4 section.

    1. Haaaa!! Oh, Carlee! Your comment kinda made my night. I SO relate! xo

  5. I LOVE your magnets and your blog - you're so cute (Jessie, too). But how did you prime the silver magnets? Did you use a spray primer - is there such a thing? Wow! I can't believe at my age and my level of DIY expertise I'm asking these questions!
    Thanks for fun reads!

    1. Hi Patricia! Thank you so are such a sweetheart! Yes, just plain white spray paint primer. I'll edit the post and include a link to it, as I'm sure others will have the same question. :)

  6. Love it! What a fun, simple idea!

  7. I did this, too! All gold. I use them to spell out dirty words. Sorry not sorry.

  8. A really cute idea--I like them ever so much better than the original primary colors! Now, if I only had room on my refrigerator...

  9. oh this is so neat!! I've been looking for some creative ways to make magnets look more ~fun~ (that, and I actually need to go out and buy magnets to use since we just moved and all). but i'll definitely have to try this!

  10. Ha! I seriously just did this too with some magnets I found at Target for my tots! Great minds I tell ya!

  11. Your magnetics are fab! Thank you so much for the shout-out and link!

  12. I'm sooo intrigued by your downstairs project. Have you ever posted a picture of that part of your home? I don't see one. :) Is it a basement? Laundry room?

    1. Hi Kat! No, I've never posted pictures of it on the blog before. It's actually an entire other floor of the house, that kind of mimics the upstairs, but smaller. I suppose it's kind of like a basement, but it's not underground and it has windows. Our main level of the house is actually kind of 'upstairs'. It's a reeeeeally weird house. Ha!! Once we get it all gutted and ready to renovate, I'll probably start sharing some of the progress. I'm sure you guys are curious! :)

  13. These are AMAZING especially for my kids!!!! No more rainbow ones in the kitchen

  14. Virginia, I just discovered your blog today on Pinterest and I absolutely LOVE YOU!!! I'm new in every way imaginable to decorating, but am getting my first apartment soon and need all the ideas I can muster. I really like how you transform finds from thrift stores: my family has found awesome things there at great prices! I'll definitely be using some of your ideas in my new home!

  15. These are beautiful! And I love all the silly little messages you've left. :)

  16. These are so cute, I would love to make these for my office. I love your blog! I think of you every time I go thrift shipping now. I have to say - thanks to you - a lot of brass tchotchkes find their way into my cart now;)

  17. Superb idea! I also have these colorful letters on my refrigerator. My little guy loves making words with them. :)

  18. Omg I love these!! My spray painting skills aren't so good, how did you get your paint to cover the letters so perfectly?


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