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July 16, 2012

How To Spray Paint A Chandelier

When I set out to redo our office, I knew I would need to replace the ugly outdated flushmount that was already installed. It was very 1970's and very brown. I couldn't afford to splurge on a $100-$300 chandelier, so instead I decided to find an old brass chandelier and update it myself.
Here's what I ended up with.

How to update brass chandeliers with spray paint & crystals | LiveLoveDIY

In the end, it cost me less than $20 total, and it looks fabulous in the office.

and a closeup:

Here's what I did.

I searched eBay and found an old brass chandelier for $10.
It arrived quickly, and I ended up with about 1 million pieces to assemble.

Here are the 1 million pieces I was referring to:

 I started by using my blue painters tape to cover up any parts of the chandelier that I didn't want spray painted. I covered the cord & electrical bits with a plastic bag (taped off at the top) and taped the part where you screw in the bulb (it was already white). 

 I used an old piece of scrap wood to set everything on outside so that I could spray paint it.

Then I sprayed the entire chandelier with two light coats of spray paint, allowing them to dry for about 30 minutes in between coats. Make sure you get every little nook & cranny, and flip all of the pieces over and get the underside once your first coat is dry. Since it is hanging up high, you see the underside more than you do the top.

I would recommend using a spray paint that has primer all ready in it so that you can eliminate having to do a whole separate coat of primer. I used Rustoleum White and it worked great.

Once the chandelier was dry, I hauled it back inside and began removing the painter's tape. (Sorry about that gorgeous nighttime quality photo!)

Once the tape was all off, the next step was to affix the crystals to the chandelier. I ordered my crystals off of eBay, too. I was able to get 6 crystal droplets and 1 yard of crystal chain for $7 total. I couldn't find it that cheap anywhere else.

 To attach them, you can use whatever you want, but I chose to use picture hanging wire. I simply cut a little piece of the wire, threaded it through the ends of the crystal chain, and fastened it around the chandelier arms.

 Attaching the crystal droplets was even easier because they came with little metal key rings attached to them. Once I had all of the crystals attached, She was ready to hang!

This is where Jesse comes into play, as I always delegate my chandelier hanging duties to him.  My participation after this point was to simply hand him this instruction sheet and say 'Help.'.

And now there's a pretty chandelier in the office and for less than $20!

Feel free to pin this post so you can find it next time!

How to update brass chandeliers with spray paint & crystals | LiveLoveDIY

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. Love it! I'm cheap too, and currently have three chandeliers that have seen better days just waiting to get prettied up. And yes, they're all girls!

  2. Your office space is so sweet! I love how you transformed the chandelier :)

  3. who knew you could get such an awesome chandelier for $30?? it's the perfect finishing touch for the room.

    i hope you will share over at Get Your Craft On with the Gilded hare:

    have a great day!

  4. I love this! I myself have done make overs like this to lots of chandeliers that are stock gold look. I love your touch with the crystals! We'd love to have you link it up at our "Home is Where the Heart is" Link Party!

  5. This is GORGEOUS! I'm featuring you on Saturday!!! XO, Aimee


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