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  1. I just stumbled across your site because I am looking to buy my first home and it's really outdated. I hate how it looks but can't afford a newer home and love the location. Your house is AMAZEBALLS! :) I am so afraid to try this DIY makeover but so excited that I must! You are defiantly creative and amazing!!! One question..can I buy all the paint stuff you speak of at home depot instead of online?

  2. I LOVE YOU AND YOUR SITE! I love finding out that everything I love and re-pin on Pinterest is from your blog. You do so many great things and I love your style! My husband and I bought our 50 year old house almost a year ago and still have a lot of major updating to do. I think if I had the time, money, patience, resources and know-how to do everything I need to, my house styling would be pretty much identical to yours because I LOVE everything you've done!!! I also love that you do and re-do everything in your house until it's just right. Great job on everything in your home - now back to checking out everything you've ever posted!!!

  3. Pretty awesome job!!! Congrats... (Regards from Brazil :) )

  4. I just happened upon your blog and oh my goodness! I love it. You have inspired me! I used to do so many things in my home and for some reason have convinced myself that I am unable to do it any longer. Thank you! And keep it up!


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