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June 26, 2013

The Wednesday 6: High Style Design & Flea Market Finds with Design Eur Life

How to get a high-end look with flea market finds | Design Eur Life
 I am so excited today because I get to introduce you to one of my favorite bloggers, Ashley, from Design Eur Life. I met Ashley last year when she emailed me to introduce herself and tell me that we had tons in common. When I visited her blog for the first time, I had to pick my jaw up off the ground. And after seeing her luxurious style, I giggled to myself thinking, "She does know I shop at thrift stores, right? Did she email the wrong blogger?!"

But I soon realized that we indeed did have tons in common.

Ashley designs her home from items she finds at European Flea Markets. She maximizes every inch of her small rental row house with creative details that she does herself. Ashley proves my firm belief that you don't have to have a large home or even own your home to make it special.

I asked Ashley to describe her design philosophy, and she said, "We currently live in a very small row home with white walls and tiny rooms, so I imagined that we were living in a glamorous Parisian apartment and decorated it with small, ornate pieces of furniture, lots of antique mirrors hanging from the walls, and crystal chandeliers dripping from every ceiling.  My biggest tip when decorating, is to let your home or area of the world in which you live speak to you!"

 Ashley is a southern gal who moved to Germany with her husband for his military career, and has created one of the most beautiful homes I've ever laid eyes on. What I love most about Ashley's blog is that she puts her own creative spin on every little detail, and achieves a super stylish look on a reasonable budget. Mostly, though, I just love that her style is so unique. 

  For today's Wednesday 6, 
I chose six of my favorite posts from Design Eur Life.  
I just know you're gonna love 'em.

#1. The dream closet.
Ashley says this is her favorite room in the house, and I don't blame her. I would basically put a cot and a mini fridge in there and never leave. Ever. 
I don't care about the logistics.

How To Create Your Dream Closet | Design Eur Life

I adore every single amazing detail of this space. The shoe shelves, the scarves hung on the island, and ohhh that chandelier. When I asked Ashley what she looks for at flea markets she said,  "Whenever visiting flea markets, I am always on the look out for china/pottery and chandeliers. These are two things I think any vintage lover can never have too much of. I have a chandelier hanging in every single room of my home, even in closets and bathrooms. I think that hanging a chandelier adds a touch of glamour and elegance to any space!" 

Well, ya'll know how I feel about chandeliers, and I couldn't agree more. They totally transform a space. The chandy in Ashley's closet does something magical to me. 

How To Create Your Dream Closet | Design Eur Life

My fave part is the manicure station. I love the idea of putting your nail polish on a cake stand. And check out how she used that oval mirror as a tray. Genius!
I mourn the fact that my dream closet lives an ocean away.

You have to go see the rest of the details from this room. It's amazing. See the closet here and the vanity here.

#2. The kitchen with the blue island.
Let me introduce you to my favorite kitchen island ever...Ashley's blue & gold flea market find. That one piece completely makes this kitchen. There are tons of other delicious details, too. For example, the crystal chandelier, chalkboard message, and organized open shelving. 

How to get a high-end look with flea market finds | Design Eur Life


I love that Ashley's not afraid to mix metallics, like combining her sleek silver cabinetry pulls with the ornate gold hardware on her island. So stylish!

How to get a high-end look with flea market finds | Design Eur Life

And I love the idea of using a silver tray as a magnetic memo board. Check out that great backsplash, too.

How to get a high-end look with flea market finds | Design Eur Life

To see the full tour of Ashley's kitchen visit here. I really think design is all about the details, and that is truly what this home demonstrates. It's just gorgeous.

#3. The dining room
Welcome to the dining room. 
Let me remind you one more time, Ashley did this all herself. 
She says china is one of her favorite items to hunt for at flea markets and calls herself a bit of a 'china hoarder'. 
Well girl, it's workin' for ya.
 I will issue you a hoarder's hall pass. 
Go forth and hoard.

How to get a high-end look with flea market finds | Design Eur Life


I am so inspired by the way she uses ornaments to decorate her chandelier during the holidays. 
Can I just do that year round? I won't tell if you won't tell.

How to get a high-end look with flea market finds | Design Eur Life

You can see all the pretty details of this dining room here.

#4. The craft room

I'm a sucker for a great craft room, and this one is so lovely! I love each little detail like the pink frames, pink chandelier crystals, and the Eiffel tower drawn on the chalkboard (on an easel!).

Creating a gorgeous craft room with flea market finds | Design Eur Life

Oh, and it gets better. 
Ashley should win an award for world's best organizer. 
Basically, if you organize your craft paper, you win.

How To Organize Like a Pro | Design Eur Life

Or if you have a jar for each craft supply on its own little win. 
Is anyone else's head bursting with inspiration?

The best part is that I've only shown you a teeny fraction of the details of this room. You'll have to visit the craft room to see the rest!

#5. The Christmas tree
Decorating for the holidays is one of my favorite things to do. I always love when someone finds a unique approach to holiday decor, rather than the traditional green and red. I love Ashley's pink and cute!

You can see the rest of her amazing holiday decor here.

#6. Flea Market Shopping

I absolutely adore this post. Ashley shares her best flea market shopping tips, and takes us along on a trip to the European flea market. It's so fun to see things through her eyes. You can see her flea market tips here.

Top 10 Flea Market Shopping Tips | Design Eur Life

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope you'll take a minute to stop by Ashley's beautiful blog and say hi. 
That's this week's Wednesday 6! To check out last week's Wednesday 6 (ohhh, you'll love it!) click here.

How to get a high-end look with flea market finds | Design Eur Life
That's all for today! 'Til next time!
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  1. I enjoyed this post so much. I feel like I could totally be best friends with this girl base on her style. Thank you for providing us a guided tour of the best posts!

    1. Thanks so much Sarah! She truly is soooo talented and soooo sweet! I'm so glad you enjoyed the post! :)

  2. Thanks for introducing us to great thrift shopper bloggers! Im also drooling over the closet ;)

  3. Loving this girl's style! I can't wait to check out her blog and start scouting out some chandeliers :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Speechless, can I go live with you in her closet or anywhere in her home for tat matter!?!? Love it all.

  5. can you NOT love her to pieces!! That chandelier in her kitchen is gorgeous!! (I want one sooooo bad in my kitchen--I have chandelier envy now lol!...) But I do feel uber awesome right now, because I have some of the same ornaments that she has hanging on her dinning room chandelier. Thanks for sharing another fantastic place for amazing inspiration! :)

  6. She's amazeballs! LOVE that closet, baby!!! Wowz...

  7. WOW! I am definitely following her blog now - you are right that it's giving me endless inspiration now!!!


  8. Love your blog! What happened to Ashley's blog? Did she start another one?
    I, too, love chandeliers -- have had to stop buying dishes. No more room!


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