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May 8, 2013

How To Make Easy Floral Art

There's nothing I love more than creating art. I don't consider myself an expert by any means, but the more I experiment with painting, the more I realize that you don't have to be an expert to create great art. 
It's true. And the best part is that painting is such a great way to unwind and express a little creativity. So, here's how I created my latest diy floral art. 

I started with a giant piece of wood that was originally a shelf in my laundry room. And I cut it in half. You can also use a canvas or normal piece of wood. 
You know, just in case you don't have some weird extra shelf in your laundry room that you've been wanting to throw out for a year. :)

DIY Floral Wall Art with Nailhead Trim | LiveLoveDIY

I sanded the entire piece of wood, and then painted the entire piece with some fresh white paint.
Then I drew some very simple flowers all over it with a marker. I'm not a professional artist (more of a doodler), and so there's nothing special about these flowers. 
I used the pink & green floral material (that I gave you a sneak peak of in my glue pillows post) as inspiration. 

DIY Floral Wall Art with Nailhead Trim | LiveLoveDIY

 Using a small paintbrush, and some basic craft paint, I swirled the paint around in circles to create flowers. I started with darker colors and then swirled some white in the centers to give it depth. Abstract flowers are my favorite thing to paint because they require basically zero skill.

DIY Floral Wall Art with Nailhead Trim | LiveLoveDIY

Before my flowers had dried, I took some blue-gray interior house paint and my big paintbrush and I painted the entire canvas with it, kind of inching in around the flowers. I love doing paintings this way because it kind of mixes the color over the edges of all the flowers and gives it a really cool look. You can also paint over anything you don't like. I totally painted over that giant man-eater flower at the bottom. He didn't make the cut.

You can still see some of the marker sketches through the paint, and I love that. I like to use markers just so that they show through a little bit. It's art. It doesn't have to make sense.
Atleast that's what I tell myself when I'm using a dollar store paintbrush to paint on a laundry shelf.

Also, after I was done, I added a little nailhead trim to each of the corners. 

I'm so pleased with how it turned out. 

It's hard to beat free art that takes less than twenty minutes to make! Plus, it turned out to be the perfect addition to our new guest bedroom (seen here).

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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  1. I think it looks fantastic!!

  2. Gorgeous, Virginia! What a great use for an old board.

    1. PS- I love all of the pops of color you've been using lately! :)

    2. Thanks so much Shannon!!! I'm sloooowly learning to use color! And I hafta say...I really love color so much! Expect to see much more! :)

  3. You crafty little minx!! That is gorgeous.
    So beautiful Virginia.

  4. I love this!!! I have a few projects that I need to finish! Thanks for your constant inspiration! And my laundry room is soon getting a makeover!

    1. Thanks so much girl!! And yay for your laundry room! Send any rickety ol' shelves my way!! :)

  5. Gorgeous! CaNT wait to see the laundry room.

  6. I am incredibly impressed with your artistic abilities, love the final product


    Creative Raisins

  7. I have to say this is so very pretty! It reminds me of the impressionist paintings of Monet. It's like you're looking at a rose bush through a rain-soaked window. So lovely.

  8. I love the flowers, and I also love that you can still see bits of the black lines through the paint, I think it gives a bit extra to the details... Also fun to see you using such vibrant colors too! :)

  9. Hi :)

    i meet your blog yesterday and i read evereithing, just can't stop.
    Love your life, your house and your married!!

    Today i've got to comment :) you do a lovelly work, so keep going!


  10. Hi, Are you well?
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  11. I came here from pinterest and glad :) ... Its a perfect DIY ART WORK, love it... And I have 1 question... What will if I painted the whole board first and than paint the flowers? Its an inspiration Virginia ...

  12. It is very nice ! I did a DIY art frame for my WC :)

    Melanie ♥ ~

  13. I have always dabbled in art work, crafts too. I guess I am "a wanna be artist", never had training. You are inspiring and a great artist. recently took early retirement and since have been creating things that make me happy. Am working on a gazing ball with glass tiles, barn quilt signs and tile trays, just to name a few. Also am taking a class on making fairy garden in a week. When did I have time to work?
    But, though I no longer have my income, I now have me back, feel free and happy again. Keep on creating girl! Thanks so much for your inspiration.

  14. You inspire me. I am a wanna be artist recently retired and working on several projects. Recently painted barn quilt sign, half done with gazing ball using glass tiles, tiled a teak tray (have always wanted to do it), and since seeing your wonderful painting, I have just put kilz on a large canvas my graduate art student daughter had left behind that she never finished and plan to paint my own flower painting to match my living room decor. Keep on with your artistry and inspiring the rest of us. Thank you

  15. This is lovely ! The colors go together so well. It's amazing that it's done with craft paint and dollar store paint brush :)

  16. This is just awesome! Love the white splotches over the top.

  17. Loved this completely, amazing work. keep it up :-)


Thanks so much for leaving a comment!! I do the hammer dance every time I read one.

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